Mark Twain embodied the American Spirit with humanity when called for, humility when necessary, and humor to avoid indigestion. The mission of the Mark Twain Education Society is to entertain, inform and enlighten. Our goal is to  engage audiences around the country through lectures and plays by, or about Twain and his times.

About Mark Twain Education Society

In 1979, The Harristown Development Corporation of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania invited Alan Kitty to perform as Mark Twain. His 90 minute one-man show, Alive and Well was part of a plan to reimagine the Capitol City’s downtown as a destination.

Kitty suddenly found himself as Twain at regional Bluegrass Festivals, Schools, and Libraries. Soon after, he began to reread the Twain books he grew up with. A deep dive into Scholarly research followed. The result was a library lecture series, theatrical performances around the country, school presentations, and scores of after-dinner and corporate event speeches written to help clients achieve their unique meeting goals.

Click here to watch a clip from the New York Show

About Alan Kitty

Alan Kitty is an actor, playwright and event speaker. He writes solo performances, original content  for corporate events, and  lectures on all things Twain.

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