The mission of the Mark Twain Education Society is to acquaint students with Twain’s life and times. We do this in a series of lectures delivered by Alan Kitty, an Independent Twain Scholar and Historical Interpreter who has been a Twain impersonator since 1979.

Our programs offer Twain’s unique perspective of the United States from the time of his birth as Samuel Langhorne Clemens in 1835, to his death in 1910. We chose Twain to represent the period to school students from the end of the First Industrial Revolution to the end of the Second for many reasons. Widely regarded as the Father of American Literature, we think his birth in an educated poor family in the rural, racist south, his personal drive, pioneering spirit, and family life as a northern Yankee and citizen of the world qualify him as an ideal candidate to represent the Soul of America itself.

But school budgets are limited, and teachers often lack the time to seek grants that would allow students to experience Mark Twain in person. For that reason, we seek your donation to help us bring our programs into the schools.