Twain Studies Lectures

Mark Twain reaches audiences of all ages. He is required reading or part of summer reading programs all over the word, with over 11 million students reading at least one of his works every year. Our continuing education students appreciate the opportunity to learn about the author – something they never did in their youth. Many reread Twain to learn the effect of life experience on Twain’s relatability.

We work with parents, teachers and administrators to help deepen student connection to the author while ensuring standards-compliance.  Whether we deliver performances or lectures,  teachers love the effect we achieve, making our contribution a valuable addition to their curricula. More importantly (from our perspective) students become fans.

Some comments:

“It was amazing”

“No idea what you did, but they LOVED you.”

“Twain was ‘in the house’ and he was awesome.”

“Let’s do this again.”

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