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The more we learn about an author, the greater we can appreciate their literature in the context of their life and times. Each of our lectures explores some aspect of Mark Twain. We want to know him because he was the iconic American of his age. 

We performed his lectures as he did. Changing the script to suit the mood, the audience, the exhaustion from twenty-four straight days of performing. Missing Family. Years of research, writing, performing as him goes into every lecture.

The following is a list of past lecture topics. Each runs 45 minutes, but it could run five hours.and is followed by a Q&A. You can add to the list, change format to suit your group. We’ve been studying Twain for a long time and can handle almost any request. Let us know  your preferences in the comment section of the form below.

  • MARK TWAIN: A Brutally Brief Biography
  • BEING MARK TWAIN: How to be Famous Without Any Effort
  • THE COMEDY AND TRAGEDY OF MARK TWAIN: Comedians often cite – or are cited for – addictive behavior, depression, and tragedy as a source of their humor. This lecture explores Twain’s experience
  • MARK TWAIN’S THEMES: An Examination of Twain’s Writing and Performing Processes and Major Themes
  • TWAIN’S CHARACTERS: Characters are most effective when based on real people. In this lecture, we look at the folks who inspired Twain’s characters.
  • MARK TWAIN IN BUSINESS: The Idiot’s Guide to Chasing Rainbows.
  • THE PLAYS OF MARK TWAIN: Successes, failures and the secrets of longevity
  • CLEMENS FAMILY PORTRAIT: We explore what it was like to live and socialize with Mark Twain.
  • THE POLITICS OF MARK TWAIN: Changing times call for severing ties and rethinking alliances
  • RELIGION ACCORDING TO MARK TWAIN: The author was raised on Fire and Brimstone. His faith was Love. Tragedy predicted his evolution into Agnosticism.

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