Enroute to Dinner Speech on The State of Healthcare in America; Vanderbilt Estate, Asheville, North Carolina

Alan Kitty has spoken in the guise of Mark Twain to hundreds of audiences for over four decades on a remarkable number of topics. This unique event speaker writes original material that combines extensive research with business and platform experience across a wide range of industries. The result is a break from the norm – a vacation from reality that is sure to relax, entertain and inform your audience. Kitty delivers original content in the style of Mark Twain, or if you prefer, we will work with your content creator to produce a program that delivers your message with humor and style. Either way, Kitty’s portrayal is so realistic, your colleagues will swear they have been visited by Twain himself. 

Twain Speeches

The following is a partial list of topics and speeches delivered by Twain Impersonator Alan Kitty. Each is adaptable to suit a variety of audiences within a field. Two things are common to every item on the list. First is Kitty’s knowledge of challenges within the listed fields. Second, he integrates actual Twain material into each speech, which he extracts from the vast trove of Twain’s writing, letters, essays, and speeches he has studied during the last forty years. Click the topic to read a detailed description of the speech.

  1. Medical Technology
  2. Information Technology
  3. Project Management
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Publishing
  6. Printing
  7. Educational Testing
  8. Computer Software
  9. Security
  10. Marketing

Past Event Examples
  • Dinner speech for an on-line Medical Records company
  • Interviewee and traffic builder for an on-line legal search engine company trade show exhibit
  • Dinner speaker for Project Management certification authority annual
  • Collaboration seminar creator and facilitator for a post-merger Pharmaceutical Company
  • Introductory speech for the launch of a tool manufacturing facility
  • Breakout session speaker on Communications Technology for a Government Agency Trade Organization
  • Lunchtime Teamwork seminar creator and facilitator for an International Tech consulting firm
  • Guest speaker for Banking Industry conference
  • Breakout session speaker on public speaking methods for a state Library Association