About this Speech

Twain Impersonator Alan Kitty spent 30 years in the Information Technology field. Master’s studies in Computer Technology Management from New York University led to Government and Private Industry posts that provided him with experience at every level; including Field Engineering, Technical Product and Project Manager, Business Development Manager, Strategic and Tactical Sales and Marketing Manager, End-user Trainer, and Tech Consultant, Meeting Facilitator and Keynote Speaker.

Mark Twain was a technophile who counted neighbor Nikola Tesla among his many friends. When the two met at the Chicago Exposition of 1893, Tesla outlined his vision for what today is known as the Internet. Both were frequent guests at many society dinners. And whiling living a few blocks away in New York, he even offered himself as a guinea pig for some of Tesla’s many experiments.

Kitty has combined his Twain/Tesla connection with his extensive knowledge of IT in speeches for a variety of clients including Online Record Search, Storage and Retrieval, Engineering, Educational Testing, Custom Software Development, System Integration, Security Systems. He has presented at numerous conferences including Government Technology, Future Tech, Innovation and Information Technology. His original Twain speeches are derived from Twain’s technology business and investment experiences. And as always, the result mixes Twain humor with anecdote and industry challenges.