About This Speech

Twain Impersonator and Historical Interpreter Alan Kitty has been a Project Manager his entire life. But Mark Twain would never be mistaken for one. The field requires an enormous attention to details and adherence to deadlines. ¬†Twain’s Artistic mind was in many ways a polar opposite to the idea of a deadline, and that is what ultimately made Twain an author instead of a journalist. But opposition is at the heart of humor, and it makes for very funny speech material.

That idea formed the basis of a speech Kitty wrote and delivered to the New England branch of the Project Management Institute. It was a unique dinner event at the Mystic Seaport Aquarium they won’t soon forget. Any project Management Team will enjoy the Literary Liberties taken with this Six Sigma discipline. And as always, it can be altered to accommodate the specific challenges faced by your team.